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How to Add a Timestamp in WordPress

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The suggestion of evergreen content is a audio one. Though there are heaps of events you’ll require to date your content. Not only this, nevertheless comments as well as various site elements can make money also. If you require to include a timestamp in WordPress, the process could be simple to execute.

The WordProof plugin for WordPress enables you to include the performance to timestamp your content using the capability of the ‘blockchain’. This is bleeding-edge experience, fine-tuned right into a very efficient strategy to safeguard your content as well as construct user idea.

In this put-up, we’ll provide you the proper way to make use of the WordProof plugin to add a timestamp in WordPress. Before this, allow’s damage down the whole suggestion of WordProof, timestamping, as well as the blockchain.

What a Timestamp Is (And Why You’d Want to Add Them to WordPress)

In its primary kind, a timestamp is a strategy to link a specific time as well as day to a item of content. It’s not distinct to WordPress, nevertheless, you see this in a fundamental kind with comments as well as placed updates:

Note that we’re talking in concerns to the core suggestion right below. This is a result of timestamping can obtain made complex, as we’ll see. At a base phase, it’s a strategy to link a time as well as day to content. It’s helpful as well as valuable for a couple of reasons:

  • You can give viewers ideas of when the content was initial published. This might help when choosing if content will put on a existing situation.
  • Expanding on this, you'll have the ability to provide to viewers if the content has actually depended on day, as well as when.
  • For comments, you'll have the ability to evaluate a timeline of events. This is helpful if a item has actually in advance had factors, as well as likewise you’re making an effort to settle if they’re settled.

WordPress, of course, has its individual technique of timestamping content, nevertheless, it’s a basic application. For the mass of users, this is helpful. Some also settle to eliminate timestamping from their websites.

Though, there’s an added complex model of timestamping that we will usage a plugin to execute. Let’s enter this subject succeeding.

Introducing WordProof

Given that WordPress currently has actually timestamping consisted of in its core code, you’d be forgiven for questioning why you’d desire a plugin to help. This is as a result of consisting of a timestamp to WordPress can take completely various kinds.

Rather than offer a day of posting, you need to use a plugin such as WordProof to install a timestamp to offer confirmation of content.

The WordProof website.

This enables you to join your site’s content to any type of EOSIO blockchain. The good info is that you just don’t desire any type of previous experience with the blockchain to use of WordProof. It’s a ‘plug-and-play solution, which means you don’t need to lug a finger to use of the plugin.

Apart from allowing you auto-timestamp your content, you also can reveal a certificate that confirms your content as well as allows the visitor see exactly how as well as when your content has actually been changed. This is extremely like a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificate.

A WordProof certificate.

As for why you’d require to do that, there are a couple of reasons:

  • You can offer openness to users, which will boost idea as well as credibility.
  • There could be Search Engine Optimization (SEO) benefits later on.
  • You’re qualified of assembled future info security policies, specifically inside the European Union (EU), which needs to remove the course over the previous couple of years.
  • You can help safeguard the copyright of your content, by method of third-party confirmation.

It’s this last degree that makes WordProof so remarkable. It uses the capability of the blockchain to include a timestamp in WordPress, which provides your content security. We’ll review this succeeding.

Explaining the Blockchain

The blockchain is one point that needs to expand to be added exceptional throughout the last pair of years approximately, with the advent of cryptocurrency. While this isn’t the primary target right below, cryptocurrency is a electronic payment technique that is validated using the blockchain.

In simple expressions, intend of the blockchain as a listing of info in a data source, every person connected using cryptographic approaches. For each ‘block’ that exists, you’ll uncover deal info of some summary, a cryptographic hash of the earlier block in the chain (as a result the title), as well as a timestamp.

It’s made use of for a great deal of various functions furthermore foreign exchange. For circumstances, give chains, health care, as well as vigor companies much like the decentralized visibility of the blockchain.

You might likewise be starting to view exactly how the blockchain can help you to include a timestamp to WordPress, nevertheless, we can help fill in the spaces a little bit added.

How the Blockchain as well as WordProof Helps You Protect Your Content as well as Build User Trust

Because the blockchain secures each consisted of block, it’s a risk-free system. As such, the info you see related to a block can’t be changed without changing each various block in that chain. For all practical functions, it’s not possible. This implies the info you see is ‘the truth’.

There are a great deal of plus elements in using one point so risk-free to timestamp your content:

  • For content that needs a high diploma of idea, comparable to clinical or financial information, a validated timestamp is a indication to the visitor.
  • You’re in addition qualified of offer evidence that an post is appropriate, specifically on the topic of time-delicate information. Consider information bordering the (*1*) as a instance in degree.
  • If you established problems up in a appropriate technique, you may have an element that can help you to win copyright circumstances. This is mosting likely to matter need to you offer content that, if taken, influences your revenues. A Non-Fungible Token (NFT) might be a excellent circumstances.

By this degree, you might be on board with using an solution comparable to WordProof to include a timestamp in WordPress. The last action for you is to identify the proper way to execute them.

How to Add a Timestamp in WordPress (In 3 Steps)

The exceptional information is it’s easy to include a timestamp in WordPress. In fact, there are 3 actions it's excellent to take. Let’s review them short-lived:

  1. Install the WordProof plugin on your WordPress website.
  2. Go by method of the WordProof setup wizard as well as sign up with an account.
  3. Begin timestamping your content inside WordPress.
  4. Will Help you:

Most of these actions are user-friendly. First, obtaining the plugin on your site.

1. Install the WordProof WordPress Plugin

The initial task is to place in the WordProof plugin. This should be an accustomed task for anyone that uses of WordPress to also a basic phase. It’s the same process you’ll make use of for placing in every various other plugin on your site.

The WordProof plugin installer.

Once you’ve completed this, there’s a little bit added earlier than you’re prepared to include a timestamp in WordPress.

2. Run the WordProof Setup Wizard (And Sign Up For a WordProof Account)

When the plugin is up as well as operating, the main display screen you’ll run into is the Setup Wizard.


Much like several plugins, this will allow you to prepare to use of WordProof. Once you click on the Launch Setup Wizard switch, you’ll involve the main of 5 displays.

The WordProof setup wizard.

This supplies you 2 options to choose from:

  • Automatic. This is stood for by the huge blue area in the center of the display screen. It’s mosting likely to be the default for numerous users.
  • Manual. This link enables you to organize your individual blockchain account to connect with WordProof. It’s for premium users, as well as we don’t support it other than you’re an expert.

In our circumstances, we’ll click on Automatic. This brings you to the Connect action. Every user will need to have a free WordProof account to use of the plugin’s performance.

You’ll be asked for inside the Setup Wizard whether you may have a Site Key:


Under most situations, you acquired’t yet. To obtain this, click on the No, produce my secret switch, which will lug you to the WordProof control panel. Here, include a website using the dedicated selection:

The WordProof dashboard.

You’ll require to include your link, choose WordPress as your system, as well as EOS as your blockchain:

Adding a website to WordProof.

From there, you’ll obtain a site secret, that might be pasted right into the associated topic in the Setup Wizard.


You can click on Validate to navigate onto the Content Settings action. This enables you to choose which content selections to timestamp by default as well as whether you existing modification backgrounds to visitors:


Saving this brings you to the Certificate Link present screen. This enables you to transform the timestamp link textual content, though there are added setups inside WordPress to personalize this extra.

Once you click on it to confirm, you’ll have the ability to roll!

3. Timestamp Your WordPress Content

From this degree on, you'll have the ability to disappear WordProof to do its aspect. Though, if you want to make a head start, you'll have the ability to most likely to both your Posts or Pages present screen in WordPress as well as seek to the right-hand element:


This supplies you a switch for each put-up or page to timestamp your content. Doing this ‘calls’ WordProof’s web servers, which launches the timestamp:


This is essentially every little thing it's excellent to include a timestamp in WordPress, though we motivate you to take a have a take a look at the user-friendly options inside WordPress to personalize the experience in addition.

Wrapping Up

New experience such since the blockchain generally desires bed linens in the period earlier than the usual user leaps onboard. Though need to you make use of a timestamping plugin such as WordProof, you'll have the ability to verify your content, existing users with an SSL-style certificate of legitimacy, as well as conserve your content greater.

This put-up has actually looked into the proper way to obtain started with the WordProof timestamp plugin. Here’s the proper way to include a timestamp in WordPress:

  1. Install the dedicated WordProof plugin.
  2. Go by method of the configuration wizard to obtain WordProof ready, as well as sign up with a WordProof account.
  3. Begin timestamping your WordPress content.

Would you intend to include a timestamp in WordPress that’s validated as well as risk-free? Share your concepts with us in the comments component underneath!