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How to Fix the 500 Internal Server Error on Your WordPress Net site

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There’s not at all a good time to get an error on your WordPress website. Whether in the admin half or on the front end, site errors are irritating. Especially in case, you don’t know what’s inflicting them or restore them.

Unfortunately, the 500 inside server error is no fully completely different. In actuality, the inside server error could also be one of primarily essentially the most annoying errors spherical as an outcome of its so imprecise. It doesn’t offer you any additional particulars in regards to the error, making it virtually not potential to resolve without a lot of time, persistence, and of course, troubleshooting.

Add to that the reality that a 500 inside server error creates a lot of downtime on your site, and likewise you may find yourself pulling your hair out as your reputation turns tarnished and likewise you lose out on product sales.

Luckily, we’re proper right here to help in case you experience an inside server error on your WordPress site. Keep reading to be taught what a 500 inside server error is and strategies to restore it so that you will get your site once more up and working immediately.

What Is a 500 Internal Server Error in WordPress?

A 500 inside server error is a generic error that you just or your site visitors encounter on your website. It helps you to perceive that there’s a server-level error.

In completely different phrases, it means your server cannot present your webpage to site visitors the best means it must. It moreover has the potential to wreak havoc on your WordPress admin house, similar to the dreaded white show display screen of dying.


Ironically, a 500 inside server error is not typically an error occurring on your site’s server. Most of the time the difficulty might be traced once more to the idea itemizing of your WordPress website. That talked about, you’ll not at all know what’s inflicting the error until you look at it. And this suggests a lot of trial and error on your half.

An inside server error may present on your website to site visitors in choice of strategies because of the fully completely different web servers, working strategies, and browsers.

Here are some of the most common phrases (that everyone indicates the equivalent issue):

  • 500 Internal Server Error
  • Internal Server Error
  • 500 Internal Server Error
  • Error 500
  • HTTP Error 500
  • HTTP Error 500 – Internal Server Error
  • Temporary Error (500)
  • HTTP 500
  • 500 Internal Server Error. Sorry, one factor went mistaken.

It could even say one factor like “Error code: 500,” similar to the one seen on Airbnb.


No matter what your WordPress website’s 500 inside server error looks as if, the fact stays: errors that set off downtime are harmful to SEO and harmful for business.

To lower the amount of downtime your website experiences as an outcome of an inside server error, attempt these troubleshooting recommendations designed that will show you how to pinpoint the difficulty and resolve it as shortly as attainable.

How to Fix an Internal Server Error in WordPress

Before we bounce into restore an inside server error in WordPress do one issue: create a backup of your website (in case you aren’t locked out of the admin half).

To troubleshoot the problem you may have to make some essential changes to your website’s root itemizing, the place all of your WordPress data is positioned.

And it’s all of the time greater to be protected than sorry every time you make drastic changes to your website, significantly in case you’re trying to restore an error.

For help deciding on a backup reply, attempt our article on the best WordPress backup plugins spherical.

And regardless of what you do, create a handbook backup of your website sooner than making an try to restore an inside server error. If by chance the error is occurring on your site’s server, the latest automated backup your host created is most likely not viable.

Now let’s take have to take a look at some of the problems you are capable of do to restore the 500 inside server error on your WordPress website.

1. Reload the Webpage

This may appear obvious, nonetheless, sometimes your web host or server could merely need a little refreshing to filter any short-term errors. This is most likely to happen every time you substitute a theme or plugin on your site. If the server turns overwhelmed as an outcome of the substitute(s), it'd experience a time out that is fixed by reloading the page.

If you uncover this happening to your WordPress site larger than as quickly as, it’s a good thought you look into a greater WordPress hosting reply.

Check out our in-depth comparison of the best-managed WordPress hosting accessible in case you need a greater hosting reply.

2. Clear the Browser Cache

Another simple reply to a generic error on your website is clearing the browser cache. Sometimes there’s merely a glitch someplace in the system that’s stopping your site from loading accurately.

Here’s a guideline of helpful sources for clearing your browser cache:

There’s no sense diving deep into inside error choices if clearing the cache works.

3. Check the WordPress Admin Area

Again, sooner than shedding a bunch of time troubleshooting a 500 inside server error, attempt logging in to your website first and see in case you’re locked out of the admin house.

To do this, go to and see in case you may log in. If you'll, the error is almost definitely an outcome of a plugin or theme that’s put in on your website.

4. Deactivate WordPress Plugins and/or Themes

If you'll enter the WordPress admin house, you may be a plugin or theme error. Though this is a comparatively simple restore, it could be a time-consuming one.

To start, you’ll make use of FTP to enter your site’s data. There are many FTP clients available for every Windows and Mac, nonetheless, for this occasion, we’ll use FileZilla.

Click Download FileZilla Client.


After downloading the FileZilla software you’ll wish to hook up along with your site.

  • Host: your site’s exact URL
  • Username: the username on your FTP account (typically the username used to log in to your cPanel)
  • Password: the password on your FTP account (typically the password used to log in to your cPanel)
  • Port: depart this clear besides your host specifies a certain port

Click Quickconnect.

You must see your native laptop’s data in the left-hand panel and your website’s data in the exact hand panel.

On the exact hand aspect of the FTP shopper, go to the wp-content folder and uncover the folder labeled plugins inside it. Right-click on it and rename it one factor like plugins_deactivate. This will deactivate all of the plugins on your WordPress website instantly.


Next, go to your website and see if the error has been resolved. If it has, you perceive it’s a plugin on your website inflicting the inside server error.

Now that you might enter the WordPress admin house, log into your site. Then, reactivate each plugin on your website one after the opposite, refreshing every time you activate one. When the error returns, you perceive the plugin you merely reactivated is the perpetrator.

Either delete the plugin and uncover a varied or contact the plugin author immediately to have it fixed.

And don’t overlook renaming the plugins_deactivate folder once more to plugins in your FTP shopper. This strategy all of your site’s plugins to keep full of life.

If deactivating your WordPress plugins doesn’t reveal the availability of your 500 error, attempt following the equivalent steps with the themes folder. Rename it and see if the difficulty is resolved. If so, change the WordPress theme immediately.

5. Check the .htaccess File

Installing plugins or themes, or making completely different changes to your WordPress website, may corrupt your .htaccess file and create an inside server error. Luckily, fixing it is pretty easy using your FTP shopper.

To start, uncover the .htaccess file and correct click on on it, select View/Edit, and rename it one factor like .htaccess_old. Just make it potential for regardless of you rename the file to consists of the “.htaccess” half so that you simply don’t create one different error on your site.


Check your website and see if the inside server error is gone. If it is, you’ve found the difficulty.

Log into the backend of your website, go to Settings > Permalinks, and hit Save Changes. This will re-generate your .htaccess file and guarantee your site is up and working without the inside server error.

6. Increase the PHP Memory Limit

If your website is using an extreme quantity of PHP memory (which is set by WordPress and your web host), you may wish to lengthen it to stop a 500 inside server error from displaying on your site.

To enhance the PHP memory prohibition of your website, start by opening your FTP shopper and discovering the wp-config.php file. Right-click on it, select View/Edit and choose the default editor, which could be one factor like Notepad.

Right sooner than the “Happy blogging” line of code, add this line of code:

define(‘WP_MEMORY_LIMIT’, ‘64’);

Save the file to your laptop, uncover it on the left-hand aspect of your FTP shopper, correct click on on it, and select Upload. Make constructive to overwrite the distinctive file.

Refresh your FTP shopper and your website and see what happens. If the error is gone, you may need to come upon that exhausting the PHP memory is a downside.

Next, you’ll pinpoint what is straining the memory and using so many sources. It could be a poorly coded plugin or a theme function. The best technique to find out this information is to contact your hosting provider and have them confirm the server logs.

7. Check File Permissions

Files in your WordPress itemizing must be set to 755 or 644. If they are set to something, you may end up with a 500 error on your website.

To confirm your site’s file permissions, log in to your FTP shopper and look in your site’s itemizing beneath Permissions.

Notice how all of the folders are set to 755 and all of the items else are set to 644. If any of them in your WordPress itemizing are mistaken, correct click on on on them and alter them to the exact amount.

8. Reinstall WordPress

Remember every time you initially organize your website and put it in WordPress onto it? Well, although unusual, sometimes the core WordPress data flip into corruption and sets off a 500 error on websites.

To restore this, you’ll wish to trade the earlier data and acquire the latest copy of WordPress onto your site.

Start by going to and downloading WordPress.


When you extract the zip file, you’ll uncover a folder labeled WordPress. Connect to your FTP shopper, uncover the WordPress folder and the knowledge named wp-admin and wp-includes. Right-click on on on every one of them and select Upload.


When the fast reveals, select Overwrite. This will substitute the wp-admin and wp-includes data on your website with the latest new data.

overwrite files

If this was the problem inflicting an error on your website, every time you visit your site all of the items will be once more common.

9. Contact Your Host

If you’ve tried all of the above-mentioned troubleshooting recommendations, and your 500 inside server error is nonetheless there, it’s time to attain out to your hosting provider. Your web host ought to search out a means that will show you how to set up the problem and resolve it, so long as they have an educated (and accessible) support, team.

This is one of the reasons deciding on a high-quality managed WordPress web host is so essential. In events like these, you’ll need 24/7 support from WordPress experts should you want to lower downtime and salvage any misplaced product sales.

Final Thoughts

This is not an exhaustive guideline of troubleshooting recommendations for How to Fix the 500 Internal Server Error on Your WordPress Net site. However, the following advice is easy enough for even freshmen to look at when an issue pops up and takes your site down. Adding to that, these strategies may make fixing a terribly imprecise website error less complicated to restore.

For help resolving completely different irritating errors on your WordPress website, attempt these articles for fixing the 502 Bad Gateway error and fixing the ‘503 Service Unavailable’ error.